Caleb Mays



Last week I had the privilege of interviewing the very talented Caleb Mays.
Caleb is a graphic designer and is responsible for one of our best selling notebook designs as well as our wonderful logo design. This is what he had to say.


Name: Caleb Mays
Age: 24
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Location: Auckland, NZ
Study: Shillington College, Brisbane
When did you realize that being creative would become your career?
It was probably a bit of slow realisation for me. When I was 10, I petitioned my parents to build a minigolf course, with diagrams to scale of our redesigned backyard. By 12, I had designed a logo for myself and created a screensaver on my mum’s Nokia 3310. However, it wasn’t until I sat in a park at the age of 18, having dropped out of uni and unsure what to do with my life that I decided to go study Graphic Design and end up working in Communications.
How do writing and lyrics influence your work?
What I lack in musical skill, I make up for in remembering lyrics. I regularly find song lyrics and music one of the most effective way to explain emotion and experience. The same goes for both fiction and non-fiction; story conveys truth in ways people’s hearts understand just as well as their heads.
Why is Graphic Design relevant to the world we live in?
The end of the day, whether it’s general life or business, everyone’s seeking to communicate what they believe. In a world saturated in media and visual language, we’re here as modern-day translators between people.
Tell us about the Notebook design you did for FRANK. What was your process of creating it?
I had heard someone use the line ‘born for a life in full colour’ in a speech they had made, and it stuck with me for quite some many years. I ended up creating a poster version of this cover for my office, as a reminder to try and be a little bit more colourful and daring each day.
Why is being creative important to you?
Being creative is intrinsically woven into who I am – as important as breath, I feel the need to create to be understood and to understand.
Screen shot 2013-12-12 at 9.41.42 AM

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