Rishab Soni – Illustrator

When we first came across Rishab on Behance, we immediately fell in love with his illustration style. An AUT graduate currently working in Qatar, his time is consumed with illustrating!




Hello. I’d like to start of by saying that I am not good with questions, so do read on.
My name is Rishab Soni, I am 21 years of age and a fresh graduate (not really) from the Auckland University of Technology. Currently you can find me mingling about with camels in the scorching desert heat of Qatar. Though Auckland is where I like to call home. I like to dabble in a lot of things but illustration just happens to consume most of my time and that’s where my heart belongs. My parents say I have been drawing for a while, I don’t know how long that while is, but I presume a while. 

Have you always been creative? Or is it a new venture? 

  • I think yes, I have been creative for a while, not always. If I go back to my school days, I was more focused on just making things for the sake of it. But over the years and through university, working and being involved with more creative people, it has become into this mechanical process in which your mind just starts to adapt and think more, a lot more. I keep trying to keep that vehicle operating through experiments on a day-to-day basis. 

What inspires your work the most?

  • A lot of the times I find things through my daily travels from place to place. Apart from that I like to go through a lot of photos, things that have always interested me, films and so on. Usually something would spark an inclination towards an event or a feeling from my past thoughts and then I go from there.


How many hours do you spend on illustrating and what is your process like?

  • Most of my personal work is quite experimental; I am always inclined to try new things technically and conceptually. It has no real motive behind it apart from its in my head, and now its on paper (Or computer, digital age and all). So I try not to spend too much time figuring out things, and I guess I love the emotional side of things when working in such a way, you never really know what to expect. To put a number on it I guess around 2-3 hours. When I work for commercial jobs I take things differently. I consume a lot more time as want to deliver the best possible outcome for the concept. This could include starting from thumbnails, draft sketches and then the final. I like to mix up my mediums. So I usually work with a traditional apparatus and then finalise it on the computer. My tools include inks, graphite and the Adobe family. 


What is your favourite piece of work and how long did it take you to create it etc?

  • I have my phases. I usually like the most recent piece that I would have finished for a while, until the next one. Most importantly for me it’s the little technical things I would learn from each piece of work, it excites me to find and learn a new way of doing something and then applying that technique and using it effectively the next time. 

Do you have a piece of advice or a illustrating technique for our readers?

  • Uhm, I’m not really the one to come to for advice, as I am still learning the ways, but what I would say is to just draw things. Do not think too much about what you are making or what the outcome will be, just draw. This is where I really messed up in my early days. Subconsciously, you will create something that you really want to. 





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